Girls clothing line I am Ob.sessed with

As a mother of two girls, I am constantly trying to be mindful of my words when it comes to expressing my self about my body and appearance.

I don’t want my girls to hear me complaining about my body or comparing myself to others. In order to combat the possibility of them hearing me speak negatively about my self, I am practicing body positivity.

I want my girls to love themselves as they are.

So, when I received an invitation to partner with @ob.sess, a brand that is all about promoting body-positivity among girls who are all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities, launched by the beautiful @Laurie Hernandez_, I was all in.



Yes, the collection is full of pretty clothes sizes 7 – 20,

but it’s the messages that are being sent to our girls, that I’m loving most.



more from the @ob.sess collection at JCPenney



If you are a mom, aunt, grandmother, or friend to a little girl you should check out @ob.sess at your local @JCPenney or at

XO – Brenda


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